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Cape Cod Lodging and Accommodations

Before considering your Cape Cod lodging needs, you and your significant other will need to ask yourselves a number of questions about the nature and duration of your Cape Cod vacation. These might include:

  • What kind of vacation are you looking for – a romantic weekend getaway, a rustic camping trip, or some point in between?
  • What time of year are you traveling – peak season when the schools are out, the less crowded shoulder season, or even the dead of winter?
  • How long are you planning to stay in any single location - a night or two in each town before moving on, or a full week in one central location?
  • What activities are you planning to build into our stay? Staying at a resort with tennis courts and a golf course is only really worth paying the extra for if you actually plan to play.
  • Is it just the two of you, or are you traveling with a larger group? A rental cottage might work if you're sharing with other couples but is seldom cost-effective for just two.
  • Do you have a specific town that you want to stay in before all other considerations? If you have your heart set on staying in Brewster, for example, you may be surprised to find that there aren't any hotels or motels for you to stay in.
  • Are you traveling with a “Dog named Boo” and need to find pet friendly lodging on Cape Cod?
  • And, of course, the big one - what is your budget?
  • Once you've answered these very basic questions, you will at least be in a position to determine whether you should be looking for an inexpensive motel close to the beach, a quaint Bed and Breakfast nestled along 6a, or a Cape Cod vacation rental large enough for eight.

    In this part of the site we will give you a number of Cape Cod lodging directories that will help you to research the various accommodation options. We'll divide these into five broad categories, each offering a listing of the various properties, a photo, a brief description where possible, and a link to their website. We'll also provide an opportunity for visitors to submit their own reviews and comments.

    Within each category, we'll also try and provide a town-by-town breakdown so that you can do your research by location, too. And in many cases we can provide you with a link to actually book your rooms directly, once you've found what you're looking for.

    So here goes, click on any of the following headers to begin your search for Cape Cod lodging

    Cape Cod Bed and Breakfast Inns

    There are over 250 bed and breakfast inns on the Cape, offering a wide array of Cape Cod lodging options for couples. Whether you're looking for simple charm or luxurious splendor, you can probably find what you're looking for in our directory.

    The great thing about staying in an Inn or Bed and Breakfast is that the accommodation is very much a part of the vacation itself. There are certainly plenty of couples who travel to the Cape and don't really care too much where they stay. As long as it's convenient to the beaches and the attractions, a clean room to sleep in is all they're really looking for.

    Staying in a Cape Cod inn or bed and breakfast is different. Here the atmosphere and ambience is a big part of the more...

    Cape Cod Hotels

    If you're looking for more amenities, such as bar, restaurant and pool, a Cape Cod hotel might be the best bet for your stay. If you're a couple that likes to stay out late, the 24 hour access of a hotel will be preferable to a B&B where coming home in the wee hours might mean having to wake the host to let you in.

    Cape Cod hotels also offer things like laundry services, health clubs and room service, and often serve as hubs for local tour guides and operators. If these kinds of conveniences are important to you, there are plenty of places to choose from, but you my be surprised that few of the larger worldwide hotel chains are represented on the Cape.

    There is no Hilton, for instance, and only one Marriott, in Hyannis. There are a couple of Best Westerns but no Hyatts. Instead, Cape Cod hotels tend to be owned by smaller companies, or even family concerns.

    Cape Cod Motels

    Cape Cod motels form an important part of the Cape Cod lodging mix because the Cape is very much a motorists' destination. Motels tend to offer fewer amenities than hotels, with rooms that tend to overlook a parking lot. They're often cheaper than hotels, too, so they're great for couples who are visiting the Cape on a tight budget.

    The lack of an on-site restaurant is seldom a problem since there are so many restaurants all over Cape Cod, and if you're just looking for a place to crash after a day at the beach or sightseeing, a Cape Cod motel could be a perfect option. more...

    Cape Cod Resorts

    For couples looking for an all-inclusive place to stay, our directory of Cape Cod resorts might help you find just what you're looking for.

    A resort differs from a hotel in that it will typically have much more in the way of amenities. While a hotel might have a restaurant, a pool, and/or a workout room, many Cape Cod resorts have several restaurants, a full service health club, tennis courts, golf courses, and exclusive access to a private beach. more...

    Cape Cod Campgrounds

    Cape Cod campgrounds offer a terrific option for visiting couples who are either looking for the cheapest place to stay, or who simply enjoy the outdoors experience of camping. Nickerson State Park in Brewster is the largest and best known location for Cape Cod camping, but it is far from the only one.

    From the Bourne Scenic Park in Buzzards Bay to the Dunes Edge Campground in PTown, they run the gamut from totally rustic places that offer little more than a place to pitch your tent to mini camping "resorts" that offer lots of amenities and welcome RVs that are more like homes on wheels. So whatever your level of commitment to the outdoors life, you're sure to find what you're looking for on Cape Cod. more...

    Cape Cod Vacation Rentals

    Some visting couples might find that a Cape Cod vacation rental is the best option. There are thousands of rental homes available on Cape Cod for couples who want to fend for themselves, come and go as they please and not be surrounded by other guests.

    The main drawback is that you have to cook and clean for yourself, which may or may not be your idea of a perfect vacation. Cost can also be a factor. If you're sharing with one or two other couples, that cost can be divided quite nicely betwen four, six, or even eight. Otherwise, rental cottages can be an expensive option for just two people.

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