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Early Morning Ferry to Boston?

by Kirsten
(New York)

I need to be in Boston by 7am at the latest. What ferry and with what company should I take?

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Early Morning Ferry to Boston?

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RE: Early Morning Ferry to Boston
by: Cape Cod Couple

If, as I'm assuming, you're talking about P-Town to Boston, I'm not sure we can offer much help here. It's important to know that the Boston-Provincetown ferry isn't really a commuter boat like, say, the Staten Island Ferry. It's really more of a seasonal vacation cruise.

As far as we know, there is no ferry that will get you into Boston that early. They all start from Boston each day, leaving at about 8:30 or 9:00am. The earliest sailing we can find out of P-Town isn't going to get you into Boston much before noon.

All we can suggest is that you leave the night before and stay overnight in Boston if you really need to be in town that early. Here are the schedules of the two largest operators:

If you have a car, you might be able to drive to Hingham and catch a more traditional commuter boat from there. Truthfully, though, by the time you've driven all the way from P-Town to Hingham (itself about a 90 minute drive), you might as well complete your journey the rest of the way by car.

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