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Lights out at 8pm, NO Fires, Rude Owner

by john oconnell
(Beverly, ma)

I am a lifelong Cape Cod lover and camper and do not recommend this camp ground. We are not the first to be shocked, read other reviews!

Pre-season camp out with my Cousins (45-51 year olds) on June 8, 2012. We were treated like criminals, asked to leave for no concrete reason. The owner was rude and admitted “it’s my camp ground I can do what I want!” We moved to another camp ground and saved the weekend!


We were told no open fires at check in. We stated we had a small Weber Grill, could we throw a log or two on after we cook dinner. We were told as long as you rake the pine needles away from the Grill area.

At 9-10pm Friday, an unknown man wearing dark clothing approached us in the dark, spoke down to us and did not state his name or where he was from. He stated “what are you burning? It’s illegal to do that! Get water and put that out”. My family and I went into protective mode because the man was a stranger at this point and was rude.

The next morning, another man named Dale announced himself as an employee and was very professional. We talked for 15 enjoyable minutes. Thirty minutes later Dale came back and stated “Sorry guys but I have been told to ask you to leave”. My cousins and I were all in a state of shock.

In summary, we helped the stranger get water to put out the 3 logs that night. We cleaned the camp site. I told the owner perhaps there was a miscommunication at check in between his employee and us regarding fires. The owner said “you should have stated you were sorry” to the stranger for the fire. I stated it was dark, he was a threat, why would we say sorry? Even Dale stated to us that the “late night” stranger was the source of a few other complaints.

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