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Discounts on Cape Cod Attractions

A Go Boston Card is a terrific way for visiting couples to save real money on admission to a number of Cape Cod attractions, and is a particularly good deal if you're planning a Boston day trip as part of your Cape Cod vacation. They can even help you to avoid long lines in certain cases.

The cards are issued by Smart Destinations, which works with up to 70 Boston area attractions, excursions, shops and restaurants (including many on Cape Cod), and can offer anything from several dollars off the price to free admission. And the cards are good for anything from kayak rentals in Brewster to a ferry ride to Nantucket or Martha's Vineyard.

Here's how it works. Once you know your travel dates you can log onto the Smart Destinations website and take a look at the 70 or so attractions, shops, restaurants and excursions that are part of the program (we've listed the Cape Cod and nearby ones below). Decide on an itinerary of things you would like to do.

If a day trip to Boston is part of your vacation plan, map out which particular attractions you'd most like to take in. Maybe you plan to take a trip to Nantucket, or to see the mansions of Newport, RI. If so, figure out which day(s) and see what discounts are available.

Cards are available in 1-day, 2-day and 3-day, 5-day and 7-day denominations and, naturally, offer a better deal the more days you sign up for.




1 Day:
2 Day:
3 Day:
5 Day:
7 Day:

Cards can either be mailed to you before you depart or picked up at various locations in the destination cities. The JFJ museum in Hyannis is the only Cape Cod pick-up location, so plan accordingly if you're not planning to stay nearby.

Do try and be realistic about how many attractions you're likely to be able to see and allow at least a couple of hours per attraction. In the confines of a city like Boston, you might be able to check out three or four in a day, but on Cape Cod, where drive times between locations need to be taken into account, two or three might be best if you don't want to spend your entire time rushing around. It is supposed to be a vacation, after all!

For this reason, we do not typically recommend a 1-day card. It's tough to fit in enough attractions in a single day to offset the cost of the card. A 3-day card, on the other hand, which is only $50 more, will give you plenty of time to rack up enough discounts to more than offset the cost of the card.

Check out a couple of sample itineraries we've put together that might help you decide if a Go Boston Card is the right deal for you.

Cape Cod Attractions

The following Cape Cod museums and attractions offer free admission to anyone who has a valid Boston Go Card for that day.

Cape Cod attractions Cape Cod Baseball League Hall of Fame
Cape Cod attractions Cape Cod Maritime Museum
Cape Cod attractions Cape Cod Museum of Art
Cape Cod attractions Cape Cod Museum of Natural History
Cape Cod Baseball
League Hall of Fame

Save $5.00
Cape Cod
Maritime Museum

Save $5.00
Cape Cod Museum
of Art

Save $8.00
Cape Cod Museum
of Natural History
Save $8.00

Cape Cod attractions Heritage Museums and Gardens
Cape Cod attractions JFK Hyannis Museum
Cape Cod attractions Nantucket Whaling Museum
Cape Cod attractions Sandwich Glass Museum
Heritage Museums
and Gardens

Save $12.00
John F. Kennedy
Hyannis Museum
Save $5.00
Nantucket Whaling
Save $17.00
Sandwich Glass

Save $5.00

Cape Cod Trips and Excursions

This is where the savings can really add up. One day trip to Nantucket or Martha's Vineyard, for example, can go quite a long way to covering the cost of a card, so it's really worth taking a look if you're planning a trip to the island as part of your vacation. The following Cape Cod excursions, trips and ferry rides offer either free or discounted fares to anyone who has a valid Boston Go Card for that day.

Cape Cod attractions Cape Cod Canal Cruise
Cape Cod attractions Cape Cod Central Railroad
Cape Cod attractions Cape Cod Rail Trail
Cape Cod attractions Hyannisport Harbor Cruise
Cape Cod
Canal Cruise
Save $14.00
Cape Cod
Central Railroad
Save $20.00
Cape Cod Rail Trail
Bike & Kayak Rental
Save Up To $25.00
Hyannisport Harbor
Save $16.00

Cape Cod attractions Martha's Vineyard Ferry
Cape Cod attractions Nantucket Ferry
Martha's Vineyard
Save $43.00
Nantucket Ferry
Save $39.00

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